LETTER from Ptr. Ton, Ate Ruth, Yvette and Tonette

yvette and tonette

Dear Friends,

Time flies so fast. We have already finished a term in school and we praise the Lord for his abundant grace and sustenance. We are expecting a more arduous and challenging second term. Ton is enrolled with 12 units this time. His class is only during Saturdays from 7am to 7pm successively. I am already having internship in one of the local radio stations in the city. There are a lot of demands in school which could really be overwhelming and exhausting but we are thankful for the strength provided by the Lord that we are able to responsibly meet all academic demands along with our community/family accountabilities.

We remain involved with BIBAK church, Ton with preaching assignments and the both of us, in the youth group. We teach mini-SLS although we only chose lessons that are appropriate with our young group. These kids are very insightful. We get to hear their stories too and equally share them ours. Love, acceptance, and deeper understanding of each one almost always preceed. We are now gettingIn-To-Me-See (intimacy) results. Last Sunday, we had our fishball and buko pie fellowship here at our apartment.

We would like to extend our gratitude to each one of you who continually support us in a lot of ways. It is glad to know we only have a year and a half to go before we leap on forward to the next step of our mission. But what the Lord has taught us in our five months stay here in Baguio city is amazingly remarkable- so short time but so full of new  learning and understanding. This we claim to be among the best gifts you have helped us acquire. We look forward to more learning experiences and sharing them with you.

Again, thank you very much.. Blessings from the Lord.

Love and Prayers,
Ruth, Ton, Yvette and Antoinette

Ortega Family


About Gbcyp

Gbcyp is a Brother-to-Brother Accountability Group founded by the Young People's group of Guinhawa Bible Church of the ABCCOM & the ABCCOP.
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