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We praise the Lord for the successes He has shown us and given us that whole day of GBC 27th Anniversary Celebration, for the glory of His Name.
movie snack post-announce

The day, falling this year on the 18th of April, had been so important to GBC members, and to us GBCYPs especially, because Anniversary Celebration feels just like—if not Christmas— our-second-Christmas, much-awaited vacation trip, 13th-month-pay, or bonus to a quiz. It is our Festival of Praise dedicated only to the One who has been so faithfully giving His Church His grace and mercies to continue. And for 27 years now, indeed, they have been new every morning. Amen!

The GBCYP MOVIE-FUND-RAISING, which was the final part of the anniversary celebration, is a joint effort of the young people to raise funds carried out by handing affordable Movie-and-Snack Passes to all possible willing sponsors weeks before. The fund raising was one of the many reasons that made the day fun, exciting and pressuring altogether! This was our first real-time fundraising, we were thinking; Is this project feasible? Will they come? Will they like the movie or the food?—we were a little anxious! And like God was reminding us to leave things to Him, at 7:00 PM of that evening, visitors from different churches just kept arriving, and some unexpected sponsors, too!

Anyway, did we say affordable passes? Opo 🙂 . Though the project was wrapped as fund raising, the idea had also been to provide time for our generous friends to sit back, relax, watch a good movie in a big-screen, be served with something sweet and cool to eat, enjoy the fellowship, for a sum within their means. And sweet thanks to God, for He, too, had given us sponsors who have gladly given more, more, more… And we know you’re one of them; may God bless you.

At kahit na po we tried in every way we could to make this fund raising as much as “non-sacrificial” as possible, it was just impossible. Because to us, and surely to Him, your giving will always be appreciated and valued as your sacrifice. Huge-thanks!

Hindi po kami magsasawang magpasalamat. Nasabi na namin ito sa likod ng inyong movie ticket, but we would like to tell you again: Your coming to watch the movie meant helping our group. Every ticket that you have bought from us has already been added to the starting capital of the mini-business (ministry fund) we have been praying for. Praises to God.

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About Gbcyp

Gbcyp is a Brother-to-Brother Accountability Group founded by the Young People's group of Guinhawa Bible Church of the ABCCOM & the ABCCOP.
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4 Responses to Fireproofed!

  1. nizpedraza says:

    Twas fun and fruitful, thanks God.

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  3. Esther Dancis says:

    nice movie…esp for the couple. great job!

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