Lessons From Humpty Dumpty

By: Ruth Eming-Ortega

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If you think of fragility, isn’t that what makes life so precious? How do you take care of something so fragile anyway?

I was tasked to oversee an egg for a couple of days. I wrapped it in a thick paper then stored it inside a zip lock bag. Upon reaching home, I lay it on a shelf and made sure it was safe. When it was time to account, I carefully fished it out of the cupboard and stuffed it in my bag. Along the way, I keep on checking it every five minutes to make sure it hasn’t contracted a scratch. In the end, I and the egg successfully made it through the task.

Many times in our lives, we tend to take things for granted. We carelessly break fragile hearts, we neglect our responsibilities to our parents, siblings, spouse, children and friends. We tend to become oblivious of our liabilities in life. Life, People, and hearts, are so fragile that we only regret not having taken care of them when it is too late, when they are already broken.

This makes me recall the nursery poem Humpty Dumpty, an egg which sat on a wall, fell, got broken and cannot be fixed even by the prestigious king’s horses and men who were considered to have some of the highest powers in the land. Life is Humpty Dumpty.

Sometimes what we take for granted, what we carelessly break, can never be restored.
I complied with this activity for the sake of compliance. But I am very grateful for having this opportunity to sit and ponder on what I have gained in the experience of caring for an egg. It is a wake-up call to my awareness that life, people, and relationships are more fragile than eggs. And that caring for them should be a natural response as we inculcate this practice into our lifestyle, even surpassing the attention we provided a Humpty Dumpty. Moreover, I learned the importance of following instructions and taking heed the advice of wise people. When we do, we will not likely stagger and will even gain rewards in the end. Academically, my reward is the plus points for my grade. Practically in life, we are rewarded with long lasting relationships that is bonded with the awareness of our respon-sibility to protect, care and love.

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Gbcyp is a Brother-to-Brother Accountability Group founded by the Young People's group of Guinhawa Bible Church of the ABCCOM & the ABCCOP.
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