Like Manna in the Dessert…

God does not want us to recognize some need in our life and then go to Him and press hard after Him until we get victory over it and then leave Him again. He is going to give us victory only daily as we keep coming every day with empty buckets for more grace to continue walking in the victory.

You don’t reform to a certain stage and then stay there. The grace must come daily from His well. It is just like manna. If you picked it up and you picked up too much so that you would have some extra for the next day it would rot in your mouth. Every day you had to go out and get the manna. Every day you have to go out.

Like This!


About Gbcyp

Gbcyp is a Brother-to-Brother Accountability Group founded by the Young People's group of Guinhawa Bible Church of the ABCCOM & the ABCCOP.
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