The Gbcyp

Gbcyp is an accountability group founded by the Youth Group of Guinhawa Bible Church that aims to wholly strengthen its members through brother-to-brother accountability.

Gbcyp is dedicated to strengthen relationships of its members with one another (1 Peter 3:8-9), with the community (Romans 13:1), with the church (Acts 2:42-47) and—most importantly—with God (Matthew 6:33).

Gbcyp envisions a scripture-based and Christ-centered organization in which young people seeking greater knowledge of Jesus Christ can find an avenue for friendship and fellowship with brothers, for learning and for refining of their gifts and talents, for assurance of salvation, and for living in accordance with the will of God.

Guinhawa Bible Church

MemberAlliance of Bible Christian Communities of the Philippines (ABCCOP)
MemberAlliance of Bible Christian Communities of Oriental Mindoro (ABCCOM)
Member, Pinamalayan Alliance of Christian Churches (PACC)

Regularly Invited Speakers:
Ptr. Ton Ortega (First Sunday + Celebration of the Holy Supper)
Ptr. Vehn Monton  (Second Sunday + Youth Sunday)
Ptr. Pong Dolojan  (Third Sunday + Women’s Sunday + Fellowship)
Ptr. Eric Gamier (Fourth Sunday + Men’s Sunday)